Many sprays merely "cover-up" unpleasant odors, resulting in subpar effectiveness and less-than-satisfactory results. Our sprays employ cutting-edge, natural odor-fighting enzymes to effectively eliminate and absorb a broad spectrum of unwelcome smells, including smoke, perspiration, pet odors, bathroom scents, and garbage odors while leaving a light scent.

Currently available in a variety of scents. Check back for seasonal scent additions!

La La Lemon - A compelling lemon fragrance that exudes a vibrant and tangy aroma, staying faithful to its namesake. Enlivened by subtle notes of fresh greens, zesty citrus peel, and a touch of sweetness.

Sunset Citrus - An exceptional and invigorating fusion of zesty citrus sorbet and fresh crisp apple, wrapped around a heart of playful jasmine and magnolia blooms, all with subtle traces of gentle white woods and musky nuances.

Frangipani - A charming floral blend featuring the grace of peach blossoms, plumeria, and jasmine, accentuated by whispers of fruity melon and gentle musky undertones.

Pink Tea - This fragrant composition is a harmonious blend of sweet exotic fruits with delicate undertones of comforting warm vanilla.

To Use: Shake well before using and spray into the air or on linens. Spot-check linens before using. 

Avoid Eye Contact. Not recommended for use on skin or on animals. 

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Natural Odor Eliminating Room + Linen Sprays

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