Our products are all hand poured in small batches using responsibly sourced high quality ingredients. Our handcrafted soaps are always free of detergents and harsh chemicals - because your skin deserves the very best.

Solid Lotion Bars

Shop our collection of solid lotion bars, available in a variety of scents. Each bar contains skin loving oils and butters and are lightly scented with a fragrance/essential oil. Keep one in your bag, at your desk, by your bedside. Also perfect for travel and TSA friendly.

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Cold Process and Hot Process Soaps


Goat's Milk Soap

Our goat's milk soap offers a delicate and creamy lather that leaves your skin feeling clean and moisturized. The soap is molded in a beautiful round floral mold, weighing no less than 4 oz. Each bar is lightly scented with high-quality fragrance or essential oils. Our goat's milk soap is available in its natural color, a creamy custard color.

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