Tired muscles? Our Relax Bath Soak is the perfect solution to ease your tired muscles.

Filled with a mix of Epsom Salts, Ground Oats and Lavender Buds, our tea bags are just what your tired muscles need after a long day. Epsom salts are known to sooth tired muscles, oats help hold in your skin's moisture, while the gentle scent of Lavener buds calm your mind. 

Our Relax Bath Soak is 100% naked. No colorants and 3 simple ingredients. Our tea bags are made form bamboo and 100% compostible. Once the bath water cools, simply dispose of the tea bag. Your bath tub will remain sparkling clean. 

To Use: Place single tea bag in the water allowing it to soak. The salt and oats will soak into the water and the lavender buds will remain contained in the bag. 


Listing is for two tea bags

Size: Each tea bag weighs 3oz each

Qty available:1
Relax Bath Soak

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