These masks are not hospital grade and will not protect you from the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Covering your face when you leave the house is a voluntary public health measure and must not replace proven precautions like self-quarantine at home, social distancing, and thoroughly washing your hands.

The Olson mask covers the nose and cheeks. It uses a length of elastic tied at the end that can be adjusted or replaced if needed. I use quilting cotton fabrics for the entire mask. The mask has an envelope style opening which allows you to insert a filter.  There are plenty of resources online to guide you in easily making filters that can be placed inside the Olson mask. 

For a better seal, you can use skin safe double sided tape that will adhere fabric to your skin. In addition, for a tighter fit around the nose, you can slip an open paperclip into the nose portion of the mask and bend to fit. Another option is to use a nose strip such as Breathe Right Nasal Strips on the outside of mask, 

This listing is for one (1) mask. This item is ready to ship.

Caring for your mask: Remove the filter insert and wash with other like color items in warm water. Dry flat or on medium heat setting in your dryer. The mask is made with 100% cotton and could shrink if washed/dried in high temperatures. I suggest placing the mask in a laundry mesh bag to avoid the elastic getting tangled with anything else in your laundry load, or removing the elastic piece by undoing the knot. It can easily be slipped back in with a small safety pin. 

REFUND or EXCHANGES: For sanitary reasons, all mask sales are final. We will not accept returns or exchanges on this item. 

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Kid 6-12: Olson Style Face Mask - Knitting Sheep (Options)

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