I Made It! Mine

Hello everyone! I know it’s taken me some time to get a post out on this blog, but really, what better way than to announce that Wren & Rita will be participating in I Made It! Mine! This is one of my very favorite shows and also one of the first that I participated in many years ago. This one feels like a first for me. I’m debuting a new line of items that focus on wellness!

Over the last couple of years my life has hit several bumps that tested my ability to handle stress. I rediscovered yoga, meditation and everyday use of essential oils and found that successfully handling times of high stress involved taking good care of myself so I could take care of those around me. Fast forward to December. Something sparked in me. A “need” to be creative and rejoin the craft community. I felt as if I was finally in a stable spot in my life where I could commit myself and my time to creativity.

I knew that I wanted to revamp my branding, so I started there, then explored some of the ideas I had floating around in my head. Unlike before, I came to the decision that I will limit my offerings so I can create more with the limited time that I have. I also decided to keep some of the items Wren & Rita is known for (pouches anyone??). Lastly, I decided to open my Etsy shop! It’s been there all along, but I’ve never listed any items. I always felt like I was playing catch up after a show and never had sufficient stock for Etsy. I’ve realized that planning is essential if this is going to work, so be on the look out for new listings after I Made It! Mine.

That’s it folks! I hope to see your smiling faces on February 3rd at the Southside Works!


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